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Welcome To Masley Optimal Health Center

Health Center in St. Petersburg, FL

The Masley Optimal Health Center (MOHC) provides state-of-the-art physical, nutritional, and longevity evaluations. During the course of a day, we explore your fitness level, physiologic age, mental function, artery plaque growth, nutritional intake, hormonal imbalances, and biochemical needs. At the end of your evaluation, we provide you with a very personalized, in-depth picture of your health and develop an action plan to realistically achieve and sustain optimal health. We provide as much continuity of care and additional services as you require throughout the year, track your progress in time, and walk with you on the path to wellness.

Over the last decade, Masley Optimal Health Center has empowered thousands of patients to lose weight, get fit, improve cognitive function, and tap into unsuspected energy levels. We have provided many corporate clients with executive health physicals with a goal of optimal health so they may continue as peak performers in their industry.


To empower our patients with the tools they need to take charge once and for all of the most important area of their life: HEALTH.

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