Evaluations for People under 40

The Masley Optimal Health Center offers an easy way for men & women (up to 40 years old) to receive a comprehensive health assessment and lifestyle evaluation in a single one-day appointment. We focus on the early detection of diseases before they become a health concern.

About Baseline Evaluations
Executive Health Physicals

Evaluations for People 40 Plus

Women’s 40 Plus Evaluation

Many significant health-related issues arise for women, and for those over 40 in particular. This evaluation incorporates essential services, consultations and screenings designed to address women’s unique medical needs and help ensure health and wellness for years to come. Learn About Evaluations for Women 40+

Women’s 50 Plus Evaluation

This assessment is specially designed to address the issues and concerns for women over 50, through a comprehensive evaluation of fitness, wellness and health risks. These tests and screenings focus on early detection and prevention of heart disease and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Learn About Evaluations for Women 50+

Men’s 40 Plus Evaluation

Men over 40 face an increased risk of several specific conditions and diseases that require increased awareness and vigilance to prevent, detect and address such as assess your fitness level and risk for heart-related diseases. Learn About Evaluations for Men 40+

Men’s 50 Plus Evaluation

Men over 50 face an increased risk of conditions and diseases that require increased awareness and vigilance. We will focus on tests that assess your fitness level, risk for stroke and heart-related diseases, future hip fracture risk, metabolic rate and testosterone level. Learn About Evaluations for Men 50+