Functional medicine is a personalized approach to medicine that allows the patient and physician to work together to find the root cause of disease and promote wellness.

Functional medicine views us all as being different, both in terms of biochemistry and genetics. This personalized health care treats the individual not the disease. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body naturally, rather than relying on medications to treat symptoms of disease only.

The Functional Medicine Consult includes:

  • A 90 Minute visit with the physician to assess your health, risk factors, disease triggers, and create a customized, realistic plan for you to start your path to better health.

Optional testing is available at an additional cost, including:

  • Gut Health/Stool Analysis
  • Oxidative stress
  • Hormones/Adrenal function
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Food sensitivity and allergies
  • Leaky gut markers
  • Advanced lipid profile
  • Toxin and heavy metals
  • Pharmacogenetics