Health Coaching

This program was created to address the needs of busy individuals who require extra guidance to make the necessary behavioral health changes to move the needle towards optimal health. This is a very cost effective, time efficient, and successful program that is led by our physicians. This program utilizes technology to track activity and diet, the client then consults with the physician to create an action plan without physically having to come in and see the doctor.

Our Services

The Masley Optimal Health Center (MOHC) provides state-of-the-art physical, nutritional, and longevity evaluations.


Masley Optimal Health Center offers comprehensive health assessments and lifestyle evaluations, for patients of all ages, in a single one-day appointment to ensure health and wellness for years to come.


Masley Optimal Health Center combines personalized medical, wellness and preventative services creating one of the most comprehensive consultations available.

Health Services

Masley Optimal Health Center specializes in health services and therapies to optimize cognitive function and memory, improve brain-gut health, correct sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalances, and more.