The O-Shot® is a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that uses a patient’s own blood that is spun down to derive platelet-rich plasma that is rich in growth factors that rejuvenate the female orgasm system. This allows more blood to flow to the area, rejuvenating the vaginal tissue and resulting in healthier, plumper tissue, better lubrication, increased sensitivity to stimulation, decreased incontinence, and better orgasms. If you are a woman suffering from infrequent orgasms, a low sex drive, or discomfort during sex, the O-Shot® could be the right treatment for you. The O-Shot® procedure begins with us drawing your blood. Then, using a proprietary technique, your platelets are separated and concentrated. The PRP which contains growth factors is then injected into an area near the clitoris and into an area of the vagina that is most important for sexual response. These areas are numbed with local anesthetic cream before injection, and so patients experience little or no discomfort during the procedure.

Sexual Health Services for Men

A safe and effective procedure for men to optimize sexual performance and to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction.

The P-Shot utilizes platelet-rich plasma to give you improved erectile function; penile sensation, stamina, and health.

Testosterone Replacement

As men age, testosterone levels decrease. A deficiency in testosterone can result in decreased libido, difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, as well as fatigue, muscle atrophy and depression. With testosterone replacement, we help male patients regain their vitality, sex drive and erectile function. At Masley Optimal Health Center, we have extensive training and experience in safe, effective methods of testosterone delivery.

Sexual Health Services for Women

As men and women age, hormonal changes can impact sexual performance and many other health-related factors.

The O-Shot is a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that helps rejuvenate the female orgasm system.